Tips from the Chef: French Macarons

Chef Jeremy's Tips for using this recipe

Do not get discouraged if you encounter any errors in your macarons!  It takes a lot of practice and patience to get the perfect macarons. Every oven I have baked in is a little different and I have had to learn how to work with the oven to get the perfect shell. In my home oven, I bake convection at 300F for 12 minutes. Here at TS, I bake them on a double sheet pan at 275F (no convection) for 17 minutes. Practice and I promise you will get it!! 

If you have any questions, please email me or reach out to me via instagram @jeremyjarm!! Enjoy your baking!!!  And, just so you know, I have made my fair share of crack-arons, lopsided-arons, flat-arons. If you pipe in the buttercream and finish them, everyone still enjoy!! It’s all about baking with love!


Chef Jeremy


  • My feet aren’t forming: 
    • Age egg whites overnight uncovered in the fridge to allow proteins to relax and liquid to evaporate
    • Rest the macarons 30 minutes before baking ( This will create a skin that can help the macaron correctly get their foot
  • Feet oversized:
    • Turn down the oven temperature, sometimes this means the batter is cooking too quickly and causing it to rise too quickly
    • Stack two sheet trays together and bake. Having a second sheet tray works as insulation to prevent the foot from getting too large
    • Reduce the amount you whip your meringue
  • My tops are browning before the cookie is set:
    • Reduce the heat of your oven
    • Or, move the macarons to a lower rack in the oven
  • My macarons have peaks:
    • Mix your macaronage (macaron batter) more. If your batter is not settling peaks, it needs to be mixed more
  • My macarons are sticking to the parchment paper:
    • This is a good sign that they are underbaked. To immediately resolve, place the macaron in the freezer for a few minutes, freezing will firm them up so you can remove them from the paper
    • In the future, bake for longer at a lower temperature
  • My macarons cracked:
    • The meringue needed more whipping. Having a stable meringue will help prevent the macarons from cracking
    • The oven temperature is inconsistent. Using convection to bake can help even out the temperature, as well as rotating the pan during baking
  • My macarons are uneven/lopsided:
    • Piping incorrectly can cause this
    • Uneven oven temperature can cause this, to help rotate the pan during baking. You can also play with using the convection fan on/off